Why CSA?

Land. Food. People.
Making the CSA Connection at Maple Morning Farm.

Fruits & Vegetables

Why CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (also called CSA or
Co-Op) creates an opportunity for people to enjoy a responsible, healthy alternative to the mainstream food production and delivery system by sustaining their own local farm and farmers. By actively participating in the Maple Morning Farm CSA, members make a meaningful connection with the food they eat, the land where it is grown, and the farmers who grow it.

Member Benefits

By paying for a share of what we grow at Maple Morning Farm, you and your family will enjoy a weekly harvest of fresh, clean, healthy produce, provided by farmers who know you. We value your investment and care about the quality of nourishment you get in return. Fruits and vegetables are at their most nutritious when freshest, and your share is always harvested and gathered in a basket on the day of pick-up.


Along with the benefits of fresh produce, our members share in the rewards of supporting earth-friendly practices. These practices are based on what is best for the land, community and local economy rather than the profit margins of corporate food producers, transcontinental distributors and national wholesalers.

Every member is a vital member at Maple Morning Farm, where it’s you who makes a sustainable food system possible in our community . . . while making new friends in the process. And those are benefits we can all feel good about.

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