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Week 2 Newsletter

Guess what, more changes!

Each year, and this is our fourth year, we have made little changes here and there to better improve our work/life balance. The Wednesday markets are not working out with our schedules and the markets are not supported enough or have enough traffic for us to continue to invest that much time.

We have decided to continue with the ordering process with pick ups available at the farm on Friday mornings before noon. Saturdays are still an option for pick up at the farm but require a scheduled appointment before noon. Deliveries are available for an additional fee of $10.

This weekly email will be sent on Wednesday afternoons with orders required by Thursday at noon. We will continue to offer featured meats each week but if you need certain cuts of pork, chicken, or beef you will need to place your meat order by Tuesday at noon. Rising Sons Beef and Garey Farms (Pork and Chicken) make deliveries each week to our farm on Wednesday.

All orders are first come first serve – if we cannot fill your order due to limited quantities we will let you know asap.

The key to eating local and in season is to plan ahead. We feel like we are helping in the planning process with our weekly menus. It’s easy to stop in the grocery store and buy whatever you want any time you want – but if you want local, fresh, better tasting fruits and vegetables then you will have to plan ahead. If you would like more help with how to switch you or your family over to an all local, all in season diet please feel free to call me.

With all this said, we understand our limited pick up times and locations can make it difficult for you as our customer. We hope this doesn’t discourage you from buying from our farm. If our schedule just doesn’t work for your schedule then please find a local farm that does fit your schedule.

On to the good stuff! Available for order this week: (All pricing is located on our website. Blackberries are same price as blueberries.)

Swiss Chard
A few tomatoes….
Whole Chickens
New York Strips
Ground Beef

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your support – we look forward to serving you and your family.

Your local farmer,
Kathy Shadburne Reed

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