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Maple Morning Farm is, in a very real sense, a love story. It’s the story of Kathy Shadburne Reed and her love of the land, of her family, of growing fresh food, and bringing people together in a shared celebration of sustainable living and wholesome, nutritious eating. A farmer’s daughter who spent years in the corporate world, she followed her heart in 2011, leaving her white collar career to roll up her sleeves and return to her roots tending the fields of a family farm.

Since its first crop came to harvest in the summer of 2011, the community-supported Maple Morning Farm has steadily grown with a loyal group of members who come each week to reap their co-op investment gathered in baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables. In spite of all the hard work that fills those baskets and keeps the crops thriving, Kathy and her family find daily fulfillment in a business where good people, healthy food and respect for the land flow together so meaningfully.


“The farm provides fun family time while working.  The kids have complained about the early hours, but love the fun the farm brings once they get out there.  Gracie works on the flowers, Jack sells lemonade at the farmers market, and Drew helps with all the muscle work. Of course, they all enjoy driving or riding on the farm equipment.  A day at the farm is always an educational experience. My children and other kids who have worked with us have learned so much about where our food comes from and what it means to support local business and the community. Maple Morning Farm provides a business for our family and an opportunity to provide for ourselves and other families.  It is truly sustainable . . . and a labor of love.”

Kathy Shadburne Reed
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Maple Morning Farm